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YouTube Video embed code generator is a online tool to embed codes & video link generator from any Youtube video you want. Just enter the URL and ur tool does the rest. ⇒ Try it yourself!


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How to use this youtube embed code generator Tool?

Online Free online youtube embed code generator Example

Below is an example of the original Free online youtube embed code generator and the result.

Original Free online youtube embed code generator Example

And an example of how the online Free online youtube embed code generator works.

Free online youtube embed code generator Result
    <iframe width='500' height='294' src=""frameborder="0"></iframe><div style='font-size: 0.8em'><a href=''>Create customized YouTube embed code</a></div>

How to use Yttags's Free online youtube embed code generator?

  • Step 1: Select the Tool
Free online youtube embed code generator Step 1
  • Step 2: Enter your Video Url With width & Height
Free online youtube embed code generator Step 2
  • Step 3: Click On Generate Code Button And Check Your Free online youtube embed code generator Result
Free online youtube embed code generator Step 3

The Time-Saving Benefits of Using a YouTube Embed Code Generator

Below is a sample code of a YouTube video:
<iframe width=500 height=350 src=" "title=Post Malone - I Like You startframeborder="0" allow="accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture; web-share" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Supported YouTube URLs


The Potential of YouTube Embed Generator

Feature Benefit
Embedding Ease No coding skills required, just copy and paste the YouTube URL, generate your code and voila!
User Experience Your users stay on your site to consume the video content, improving their experience and potentially boosting your SEO.
Vast Content Access to millions of YouTube videos to enrich your content.

YouTube embed link autoplay example

    width="560" height="315"

Customization Options with YouTube Embedded Generator

Option Explanation
Autoplay You can decide if the video starts playing as soon as the webpage is opened.
Controls Decide if you want to give your audience the power to control the video playback.
Related videos You can control if YouTube suggests other videos at the end of the playback.

YouTube embed link loop example

    width="560" height="315"

YouTube embed link parameters and options

The most important embed link parameters:

options default description
autoplay=1 0 Starts playing automatically (depends also on browser setting)
autoplay=1 is play automatically
controls=0 1 No buttons to control the video like start and volume.
controls=0 is no controls
end=67 0 Video stops playing at 67 seconds (1 minute and 7 seconds).
The generator on this page converts minutes to seconds for you.
fs=0 1 Hide the full screen button.
fs=0 is no button
loop=1 0 The video loops (doesn't always work)
loop=1 is loop video
modestbranding=1 0 Disable the YouTube logo in player controls.
modestbranding=1 is no logo
start=65 0 Video starts playing at 65 seconds (1 minute and 5 seconds).
The generator on this page converts minutes to seconds for you.

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Youtube Embed Code Generator

FAQs for YouTube Embed Code Generator

Why Embed YouTube Videos?
Embedding YouTube videos allows you to showcase video content directly on your website or blog, enhancing user engagement and keeping visitors on your site.
What Are Your Embedding Options?
YouTube provides different embedding options, including inline embeds, pop-up embeds, and responsive embeds, offering flexibility in how the video appears on your website.
What is YouTube embedding?
YouTube embedding refers to the process of integrating a YouTube video player into a webpage using an HTML embed code, enabling viewers to watch the video directly on the site.
What is the Youtube Video Embedding Code?
The YouTube video embedding code can be obtained by clicking the "Share" button under the YouTube video and selecting "Embed." You'll get an HTML snippet that you can copy and paste into your webpage's code.
How to embed a custom YouTube video?
To embed a custom YouTube video, follow the same steps as above to get the embed code for your desired video and then insert it into your website's HTML code. You can also customize the video size, player controls, and autoplay options within the embed code.