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How to use this CSVJSON To JSON Converter Online Tool?

Online CSVJSON To JSON Example

Below is an example of the original CSVJSON To JSON and the result.

Original CSVJSON To JSON Example
"null",null,"non null"
"array of numbers",[1],[1,2]
"simple object",{"a": 1},{"a":1, "b":2}
"array with mixed objects",[1,null,"ball"],[2,{"a": 10, "b": 20},"cube"]
"string with quotes","a\"b","alert(\"Hi!\")"
"string with bell&newlines","bell is \u0007","multi\nline\ntext"

And an example of how the online CSVJSON To JSON works.

    "index": "number",
    "value1": 1,
    "value2": 2
    "index": "boolean",
    "value1": false,
    "value2": true
    "index": "null",
    "value1": null,
    "value2": "non null"
    "index": "array of numbers",
    "value1": [
    "value2": [
    "index": "simple object",
    "value1": {
      "a": 1
    "value2": {
      "a": 1,
      "b": 2
    "index": "array with mixed objects",
    "value1": [
    "value2": [
        "a": 10,
        "b": 20
    "index": "string with quotes",
    "value1": "a\"b",
    "value2": "alert(\"Hi!\")"
    "index": "string with bell&newlines",
    "value1": "bell is \u0007",
    "value2": "multi\nline\ntext"

How to use Yttags's CSVJSON To JSON Converter?

  • Step 1: Select the Tool
CSVJSON To JSON Converter Step 1
  • Step 2: paste your CSVJSON text into the textbox And Press The Convert Button And Check Your CSVJSON To JSON Converter Result
  1. Download the resulting JSON file when prompted
  2. Open your JSON file in Excel (or Open Office)
CSVJSON To JSON Converter Step 2

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FAQs for CSVJSON To JSON Converter

How can I convert a CSVJSON to JSON?
You can convert CSVJSON to JSON by parsing the CSVJSON format and transforming it into standard JSON using a programming language or online converters.
How to convert CSVJSON to JSON in JS?
You can convert CSVJSON to JSON in JavaScript by parsing the CSVJSON format using libraries like PapaParse and then processing the data to create JSON objects.
How do you convert data to JSON format?
You can convert data to JSON format by using functions like `JSON.stringify()` in JavaScript or similar methods in other programming languages.
How to convert CSV string to JSON?
You can convert a CSV string to JSON using JavaScript by first parsing the CSV string using a library like PapaParse and then transforming the parsed data into JSON objects.
How to convert Excel file to JSON?
You can convert an Excel file to JSON using libraries or tools that parse Excel data and transform it into JSON, such as SheetJS in JavaScript.