Biological Age Calculator

Biological Age Calculator provides longevity information and calculates your approximate health age or biological age as well as your estimated life expectancy and Measure biological age by answering few funny questions.

What is your age? Where do you live? Are you Male or Female? What is the most education you have? How many hours sleep do you get each night? How may units of alcohol do you consume a day? How often do you feel anxious? How often do you feel stressed? How often do you feel depressed? How often do you take Medications? How much physical activity do you do each day?
How often do you get blood pressure check ups at the doctors? Heart Problems in You or Family? Lung Problems in You or Family? Coronary Artery Disease(CAD) in You or Family? Any problem in Digestive System? Diabetes in You or Family? Longevity? How happy are you generally? How many friends do you have that you can rely on? Do you eat breakfast? How often you eat regular meals?
How many percentage of nurition food do you eat each day? What is your blood pressure? What is your cholesterol level? What is your Body Fat Percentage? How often do you smoke? Describe your relationship? Do you enjoy your job? How often you do Meditation & Relaxation? How many kilometers you drive in a year? Do you use seat belt when you drive? Are You an Adventurer?
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How to use Yttags's Biological Age Calculator?

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FAQs for Biological Age Calculator

What is a Biological Age Calculator?
A Biological Age Calculator is a tool or algorithm that estimates a person's physiological age based on various health and lifestyle factors, providing an assessment of how well an individual's body is aging compared to their chronological age.
What is the best way to measure biological age?
Epigenetic clocks are currently considered the most accurate way to measure someone's biological age, as they're an unbiased look into a person's cellular functioning. (Think of it like the body's CarFax report.)
Are biological age calculators accurate?
Biological age is a more accurate measure of healthspan, or years lived in good health, than chronological age, and doesn't directly correlate with wrinkles and gray hairs. Rapid agers experience a faster rate of functional deterioration relative to their chronological age.
What factors determine biological age?
A variety of external factors contributes to how you age, including lifestyle, stress and even access to health care. DNA methylation can also be a very precise predictor of your biological age. "Someone who has diabetes will have a very different DNA methylation pattern than someone who doesn't.
What is the name of the biological age test?
GlycanAge is a fabulous, easy-to-use biological age testing kit. You take 4 drops of blood and send it off to the lab. Shortly thereafter you get your results and speak to a specialist to see what more can be optimised. GlycanAge is based on more than 25 years of scientific research and over 200,000 tests.