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How to use this JSON To CSV Converter Online Tool?

Online JSON To CSV Example

Below is an example of the original JSON To CSV and the result.

Original JSON To CSV Example
    "webiste": "pakainfo",
    "year": 2017,
    "total_article": "-"
    "webiste": "Ytatgs",
    "year": 2022,
    "total_article": "-"
    "webiste": "infinityknow",
    "year": 2015,
    "total_article": 105
    "webiste": "itsolutionstuck",
    "year": 2018,
    "total_article": 24
    "webiste": "webix",
    "year": 2023,
    "total_article": 18
    "webiste": "google",
    "year": 1998,
    "total_article": 2000
    "webiste": "Love calc",
    "year": 2010,
    "total_article": 11
    "webiste": "Guest posting sites",
    "year": 2011,
    "total_article": "-"
    "webiste": "Guest post",
    "year": 2012,
    "total_article": "-"
    "webiste": "Darshit",
    "year": 2022,
    "total_article": "-"

And an example of how the online JSON To CSV works.

JSON To CSV Result
"Love calc",2010,11
"Guest posting sites",2011,"-"
"Guest post",2012,"-"

How to use Yttags's JSON To CSV Converter?

  • Step 1: Select the Tool
JSON To CSV Converter Step 1
  • Step 2: Upload your JSON file by clicking the Choose File (or paste your JSON text into the textbox)
JSON To CSV Converter Step 2
  • Step 3: Press The Convert Button And Check Your JSON To CSV Converter Result
  1. Download the resulting CSV file when prompted
  2. Open your CSV file in Excel (or Open Office)
JSON To CSV Converter Step 3

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FAQs for JSON To CSV Converter

What is a JSON?
JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a lightweight data interchange format that uses human-readable text to represent structured data consisting of key-value pairs, arrays, and nested objects.
What is a JSON file?
A JSON file is a text file that stores data in the JSON format, containing structured information in key-value pairs, arrays, and objects.
Why JSON To CSV Converter?
A JSON to CSV converter transforms JSON data into CSV format, facilitating compatibility with spreadsheet software and tabular data processing.
How to convert JSON To CSV online?
You can convert JSON to CSV online by using web-based JSON to CSV converter tools, typically by uploading your JSON file and obtaining the resulting CSV output.
How quick is this JSON To CSV tool?
The speed of an online JSON to CSV conversion tool varies depending on factors such as the size and complexity of the JSON file, server performance, and processing load.
How long does it take to convert JSON To CSV?
The duration to convert JSON to CSV depends on factors like JSON file size, complexity, conversion tool performance, and processing resources.