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Find out how long you've been married for, days until your anniversary and much more. Put in your wedding date and Yttags will show you list of your wedding anniversaries.

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How to use Yttags's Anniversary Calculator?

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Online anniversary calculator to calculate how long you've been married, in a relationship, or working at the same job. ➤ As a Wedding anniversary calculator it will tell you when your next marriage anniversary is and what anniversary it is, as well as help you pick the best gift for your spouse based on traditional anniversary gifts and modern wedding anniversary gifts. Calculate the exact relationship age in years, months, and days.

Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Anniversary Year Traditional Gifts Modern Gifts
1st YearPaperClocks
2nd YearCottonChina
3rrd YearLeatherCrystal/Glass
4th YearLinen: Silk (UK) Fruit/Flowers (US)Appliances
5th YearWoodSilverware
6th YearCandy (UK) Iron (US)Wood
7th YearWool (UK) Copper (US)Desk Sets
8th YearSalt (UK) Bronze: Pottery (US)Linen, Lace
9th YearCopper (UK) Willow: Pottery (US)Leather
10th YearTin (US & UK) Aluminum (US)Diamond Jewellery
11th YearSteelFashion Jewellery, Accessories
12th YearLinen: Silk (UK) Home Décor (US)Pearls
13th YearLaceTextiles, Furs
14th Year Elephant statute/sculptures Gold Jewellery
15th YearCrystalWatches
16th YearSilverwareSilverware
17th YearFurnitureFurniture
18th YearPorcelainPorcelain
19th YearBronzeBronze
20th YearChinaPlatinum
21th YearBrass, NickelBrass, Nickel
22th YearCopperCopper
23th YearSilver PlateSilver Plate
24th YearOpal (US)Musical Instruments
25th YearSilverSilver

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FAQs for Anniversary Calculator

What is a Anniversary Calculator?
An Anniversary Calculator is a tool or application that helps you calculate the number of years, months, weeks, days, or other units of time between two specific dates, typically used to determine the duration of a relationship, event, or milestone.
What is 5 year anniversary called?
A 5-year anniversary is commonly referred to as the "5th anniversary" or simply the "5-year anniversary." It is traditionally associated with giving or receiving gifts made of wood, symbolizing the strength and growth of the relationship.
How many days are in 50 years of marriage?
There are 18,250 days in 50 years of marriage.
What is 17th anniversary called?
The 17th anniversary is often called the "Furniture Anniversary," as it symbolizes the idea of building and nurturing a comfortable and lasting home together.
What is the 7th anniversary symbol?
The 7th anniversary is traditionally associated with the symbol of "Copper," representing the durability and malleability of a relationship as it continues to be shaped and refined.