JSON to Protobuf Creator

Converts JSON data to Protocol Buffer (Protobuf) data format.


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How to use this JSON to Protobuf Creator Tool?

Online JSON to Protobuf Example

Below is an example of the original JSON to Protobuf and the result.

Original JSON to Protobuf Example
position : {
    "min_position": true,
    "?has_more_items": false,
    "items_html": "none", 
    "new_latent_count": 0, 
    "data": {
 "text":"Please Collect Cash"
    "numericalArray" : [4,5,6,7],
    "StringArray" : ["Hello","How","are","you?"],
    "objArray" : [{"name":"yttags","age":23},

And an example of how the online JSON to Protobuf works.

JSON to Protobuf Result
message position {
  required bool min_position = 0
  optional bool has_more_items = 1
  required string items_html = 2
  required double new_latent_count = 3

  message DATA {
    required double length = 0
    required string text = 1

  required DATA data = 4
  repeated float numericalArray = 5
  repeated string StringArray = 6

  message OBJARRAY {
    required string name = 0
    required double age = 1

  repeated OBJARRAY objArray = 7

How to use Yttags's JSON to Protobuf Creator?

  • Step 1: Select the Tool
JSON to Protobuf Creator Step 1
  • Step 2: paste your JSON text into the textbox And Press The Convert Button And Check Your JSON to Protobuf Creator Result
JSON to Protobuf Creator Step 2

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FAQs for JSON to Protobuf Creator

How to Convert JSON to Protobuf?
You can use the `JsonParser` class in Google's Protobuf library to convert JSON to Protobuf format: ```csharp YourProtobufMessage message = JsonParser.Default.Parse(jsonString); ``` Replace `YourProtobufMessage` with your Protobuf message type and `jsonString` with the JSON data you want to convert. Make sure to have the appropriate using directive for `JsonParser`.
What tool converts JSON to Protobuf?
The "protoc" compiler tool provided by Google's Protocol Buffers library can be used to convert .proto files into language-specific code, including from JSON to Protobuf.
Is Protobuf faster than JSON?
Yes, Protobuf is generally faster and more efficient in terms of both serialization and deserialization compared to JSON.
How to compile Protobuf files?
You can compile Protobuf files using the "protoc" compiler with the following command: ``` protoc --proto_path= --csharp_out= ``` Replace `` with the path to the directory containing your .proto files, `` with the desired output directory for generated C# code, and `` with the name of your specific .proto file.
Is Protobuf more efficient than JSON?
Yes, Protobuf is generally more efficient than JSON in terms of both size and speed due to its binary serialization and compact encoding.