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Free Online Accurate MIME Type Checker helps you to identify the file's information like mime type of a file, file size, file type, file name, modification date and time, etc.

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How to use this Mime Type Checker Tool?

How to use Yttags's Mime Type Checker?

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Complete List of MIME Types

here list of the all MIME Types available. There is an untold number of more exotic MIME's such as application/x-bittorrent and application/x-iso9660-image etc.

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Mime Type Checker

FAQs for Mime Type Checker

what is a Mime Type Checker?
A Mime Type Checker is a software tool or program that examines a file's content and metadata to determine its Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions (MIME) type, which specifies the nature and format of the file.
How do you check the MIME type of a file?
You can check the MIME type of a file by using software or libraries that inspect the file's content and metadata, or by using online MIME type detection tools.
What is the MIME type validator?
A MIME type validator is a tool or program that verifies whether a given file's declared MIME type matches its actual content, helping ensure that files are correctly identified and handled.
Is MIME type JPG or JPEG?
The MIME type for JPEG image files is typically "image/jpeg." However, "image/jpg" is also sometimes used informally, but it's not the standard MIME type.
What are the 10 MIME types?
In this example, the type is “text“, and the subtype is “html“. Currently, there are ten registered types: application, audio, example, font, image, message, model, multipart, text, and video.