HTML Formatter

Free tool which formats your HTML code with proper indentation. Any errors in your existing code is also highlighted while formatting.

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How to use this HTML Formatter Tool?

Online HTML Formatter Example

Below is an example of the original HTML Formatter and the result.

Original HTML Formatter Example
<html><head></head><body><h1 id='Tools'>YTTAGS</h1><p>Which are 100% free? Check out our Extractor, Generator, Converter, Downloader, Calculators and more. Yttags Helping Millions of Webmasters, Students, Teachers & SEO Experts Every Month.</p></body></html>

And an example of how the online HTML Formatter works.

HTML Formatter Result


    <h1 id='Tools'>YTTAGS</h1>
    <p>Which are 100% free? Check out our Extractor, Generator, Converter, Downloader, Calculators and more. Yttags Helping Millions of Webmasters, Students, Teachers & SEO Experts Every Month.</p>


How to use Yttags's HTML Formatter?

  • Step 1: Select the Tool
HTML Formatter Step 1
  • Step 2: paste your HTML text into the textbox And Press The Format Button And Check Your HTML Formatter Result
HTML Formatter Step 2

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Html Formatter

FAQs for HTML Formatter

How to format HTML in Notepad ++?
In Notepad++, you can format HTML by selecting the HTML content, then using the "TextFX" plugin's "HTML Tidy" option from the Plugins menu to automatically format the HTML with proper indentation and line breaks.
How to create text in HTML?
To create text in HTML, use the "p" (paragraph) tag for paragraphs, or directly place text within other HTML elements like headings, lists, and more.
How convert HTML to text?
Converting HTML to plain text often involves removing HTML tags and formatting using programming languages or tools designed for text manipulation.
Which HTML tag for text?
The "p" tag is commonly used in HTML to define and format text as a paragraph.
What is text style in HTML?
Text styles in HTML refer to visual modifications applied to text, including attributes like font size, color, boldness, italics, and more, achieved through HTML tags or CSS properties.
What is HTML used for?
HTML (Hypertext Markup Language) is used for creating the structure and content of web pages, defining the layout, text, images, links, and other elements that are displayed in web browsers.