XML to JSON Converter

Converts XML data to JSON data.

Note : For reverse conversion, use JSON to XML Converter.
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How to use this XML to JSON Converter Tool?

Online XML to JSON Example

Below is an example of the original XML to JSON and the result.

Original XML to JSON Example
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> 
      <book category="Tools">
        <title lang="en">pakainfo</title>
        <author>webix infoway</author>
        <price>150</price> </book>
     <book category="web">
        <title lang="en">yttags</title>
        <author>Jaydeep Gondaliya</author>
        <author>Darshit Bhanderi</author>
        <author>Gopal Makvana</author>
        <author>Mihir Thumar</author>
        <price>200</price> </book>

And an example of how the online XML to JSON works.

XML to JSON Result
    "bookstore": {
        "book": [
                "-category": "Tools",
                "title": {
                    "-lang": "en",
                    "#text": "pakainfo"
                "author": "webix infoway",
                "year": "2022",
                "price": "150"
                "-category": "web",
                "title": {
                    "-lang": "en",
                    "#text": "yttags"
                "author": [
                    "Jaydeep Gondaliya",
                    "Darshit Bhanderi",
                    "Gopal Makvana",
                    "Mihir Thumar"
                "year": "2020",
                "price": "200"

How to use Yttags's XML to JSON Converter?

  • Step 1: Select the Tool
XML to JSON Converter Step 1
  • Step 2: paste your XML text into the textbox And Press The Convert Button And Check Your XML to JSON Converter Result
XML to JSON Converter Step 2

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FAQs for XML to JSON Converter

Can we convert XML File to JSON?
Yes, XML files can be converted to JSON format using various programming libraries and tools.
What software converts XML to JSON?
One such software is "xml2json" which is a command-line tool and Python library for converting XML to JSON.
What is the function to convert XML to JSON?
In Python, you can use the `xmltodict` library to convert XML to JSON using `json.dumps(xmltodict.parse(xml_string))`.
How to convert XML File to JSON in Java example?
```java JSONObject jsonObj = XML.toJSONObject(xmlString); ``` Here, `xmlString` is the XML content you want to convert to JSON, and you would need to import the appropriate libraries, like `org.json.JSONObject` and `org.json.XML`.
Is XML or JSON better?
JSON is often considered better due to its simplicity, smaller data size, and broader support in modern web development compared to XML.