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Calculate your new pay after a raise using our salary increase calculator. Learn how to calculate a pay increase.

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How to use this Salary Increase Calculator Tool?

How to use Yttags's Salary Increase Calculator?

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  • Step 2: Enter Annual Salary & Annual Increase Rate (%) & Years And Click On Calculate Button
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  • Step 3: Check Your Salary Increase Calculator Result
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The salary increase calculator is a helpful tool that allows you to calculate the salary increase based on the basic pay and grade level. Whether you're an employee or an employer, this calculator can provide valuable insights into salary adjustments.

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Salary Increase Calculator

FAQs for Salary Increase Calculator

What is a Salary Increase Calculator?
A Salary Increase Calculator is a tool that helps individuals or businesses determine the new salary after a specified percentage increase, providing a quick way to calculate and plan for salary adjustments.
How to calculate salary increase?
Convert the percentage increase to a decimal by dividing 5% by 100. To get the raise amount in dollars, multiply the current salary by the decimal increase. Add the raise amount to the current salary to get the new salary.
How do I ask for a higher salary increase?
One of the best ways to convince your employer you deserve a raise is to highlight your specific accomplishments that helped the company achieve its goals. Doing this can help you demonstrate the value you bring to the team is worth the increased salary.
Is salary hike calculated on CTC?
Salary hikes typically happen on the basic salary, not the total CTC. The total CTC includes the basic salary, as well as other components such as allowances, bonus, and other benefits. So, if you get a 10% salary hike on your basic salary of INR 100,000, your total CTC will increase by INR 10,000.
How is CTC percentage calculated?
It's the amount an employee receives before any addition or tax deduction. You can calculate the percentage of your base salary using this formula: (Basic salary ÷ Total CTC) x 100.