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If you want to quickly Append suffix or prefix to a bunch of keywords, Online tool for quickly adding additional text to the beginning or end of each line, try this Prefix Suffix Generator.


Insert this at the beginning of each line


Insert this at the end of each line


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How to use this Add a Prefix and a Suffix to Lines Tool?

How to use Yttags's Add Prefix & Suffix?

  • Step 1: Select the Tool
Add Prefix & Suffix Step 1
  • Step 2: Enter Prefix & Suffix And Click On Apply Button
Add Prefix & Suffix Step 2
  • Step 3: Check Your Add Prefix & Suffix Result
Add Prefix & Suffix Step 3

Here are some examples of how prefixes and suffixes can change the meaning or form of words:


  1. Un-: Adding "un-" as a prefix changes the meaning to indicate the opposite or a negative sense.

    • Happy → Unhappy
    • Known → Unknown
  2. Re-: Indicates repetition or back to an original state.

    • Do → Redo
    • Connect → Reconnect
  3. Pre-: Denotes something that occurs before.

    • View → Preview
    • Pare → Prepare
  4. Mis-: Indicates a wrong or mistaken action.

    • Understand → Misunderstand
    • Spell → Misspell
  5. Bi-: Signifies two or twice.

    • Weekly → Biweekly
    • Cycle → Bicycle


  1. -ly: Transforms an adjective into an adverb.

    • Quick → Quickly
    • Smooth → Smoothly
  2. -ful: Indicates full of or characterized by.

    • Joy → Joyful
    • Care → Careful
  3. -less: Denotes without or lacking.

    • Care → Careless
    • Help → Helpless
  4. -er/-est: Forms the comparative and superlative forms of adjectives.

    • Tall → Taller → Tallest
    • Strong → Stronger → Strongest
  5. -ment: Forms nouns denoting an action or resulting state.

    • Govern → Government
    • Enforce → Enforcement

These examples showcase how prefixes and suffixes can modify the meaning, part of speech, or context of a word, offering versatility and precision in language use.

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FAQs for Add Prefix & Suffix

What is Add Prefix & Suffix?
"Add Prefix & Suffix" is the action of appending text or characters before (prefix) or after (suffix) existing content, often used for tasks like renaming files or modifying data values.
Why would I need to add prefixes or suffixes to data?
Adding prefixes or suffixes can help organize and differentiate data, such as when renaming multiple files, labeling data entries, or modifying content for specific purposes.
How can I add prefixes and suffixes to multiple filenames at once?
Many file management tools and batch-renaming utilities allow you to apply prefixes and suffixes to filenames in bulk.
Can I use programming languages to add prefixes or suffixes to text?
Yes, programming languages like Python, JavaScript, or even Excel formulas can be used to automate the process of adding prefixes or suffixes to data.
Can "Add Prefix & Suffix" be applied to numerical data?
Yes, you can add numerical prefixes or suffixes to numeric data, which might be useful for data categorization or identification.
Are there any tools for adding prefixes or suffixes to data in spreadsheets?
Spreadsheet software like Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets provides functions that can help you add prefixes or suffixes to cells.