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Online arccos(x) calculator. Inverse cosine calculator. Enter the cosine value, select degrees (°) or radians (rad) and press the  = button.

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How to use this Arccos Calculator Tool?

How to use Yttags's Arccos Calculator?

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Arccos calculator to easily calculate the arc cosine (inverse cosine) function of any number. ➤ Calculate arccos(x) in degrees and radians with this trigonometric calculator.

Arccos table

x arccos(x)
degrees radians
-1 180° π
-0.8660254 150° 5π/6
-0.7071068 135° 3π/4
-0.5 120° 2π/3
0 90° π/2
0.5 60° π/3
0.7071068 45° π/4
0.8660254 30° π/6
1 0

The online arccos calculator helps to calculate the inverse cosine function arccos (x) in radians, degrees, and different relevant units.

Table of arc cosine value

Some solved arccos values by our Inverse Cosine Calculator – Calculate arccos(x) are given in the below table.

Arccos ofIn degreeIn radian
arccos of 100
arccos of 1/2601.0472
arccos of 1/475.521.318
arccos of 1/370.531.231
arccos of 1/root 2450.78539
arccos of 12/1322.620.3948
arccos of 15/1728.070.49
arccos of 16/2036.870.6435
arccos of negative 1/21202.0944
arccos of cos-1arccosarccos
arccos of infinityno valueno value
arccos of sqrt 2/2undefinedundefined
arccos of 3/441.410.7227

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FAQs for Arccos Calculator

What is a Arccos Calculator?
An Arccos calculator is a tool that calculates the arccosine (inverse cosine) of a given angle, providing the angle whose cosine equals the input value. It is useful in trigonometry and is often denoted as cos⁻¹ on calculators or in mathematical notation.
Why do we use arccos?
Inverse cosine is also known as arccosine. It is the inverse of cos function. Also, sometimes abbreviated as 'arccos'. It is used to measure the unknown angle when the length of two sides of the right triangle are known.
What is arccos equal to?
Yes, Arc cosine is the inverse of cosine and vice versa. arccos = cos^-1. cos = arccos^-1. not to be confused with secant which is the reciprocal.
How is arccos calculated?
In a right-angled triangle, the cosine of an angle (θ) is the ratio of its adjacent side to the hypotenuse. i.e., cos θ = (adjacent side) / (hypotenuse). Then by the definition of arccosine, θ = cos-1[ (adjacent side) / (hypotenuse) ] .
Does arccos use data?
After a course has been downloaded, you will see a green checkmark signifying the course has been downloaded on your phone. This allows you to play on that course using only your phone's GPS. Note: without a cellular connection, you will not be able to receive Arccos Caddie shot recommendations.