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A beautiful, free online Bit Calculator with Toggle bit values or type a new integer value to see which bits are set that supports both button click and keyboard type.

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How to use this Bit Calculator Tool?

How to use Yttags's Bit Calculator?

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Bit Calculator Step 1
  • Step 2: Enter The Value
Bit Calculator Step 2
  • Step 3: Check Your Bit Calculator Result
Bit Calculator Step 2
1 megabits informal notation: kilobyte = 1024 bytes
bits 1048576
bytes 131072
kilobits 1024
kilobytes 128
megabits 1
megabytes 0.125
gigabits 0.0009765625
gigabytes 0.0001220703125
terabytes 1.19209289550781e-07
petabytes 1.16415321826935e-10

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Bit Calculator

FAQs for Bit Calculator

What is bit shifting?
Bit shifting is a bitwise operation in computer programming where the bits of a binary number are moved left or right.
What is a logical bit shift?
A logical bit shift is a type of bit shifting where the empty spaces after shifting are filled with zeros, preserving the sign of the number.
How to use the bit shift calculator?
To use the bit shift calculator, enter the binary number and select the type (left or right) and the number of positions to shift, then it will perform the operation and display the result.
What is Bitwise Structure?
Bitwise Structure refers to the organization and manipulation of individual bits within a binary data format or data structure.
What Is the Bits Calculator?
The Bits Calculator is a tool used to perform calculations and conversions involving bits, bytes, and other data units.
How To Use the Bits Calculator?
To use the Bits Calculator, enter the value in bits or select a data unit, then perform operations like conversions or bitwise operations as needed.