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Price $
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3.750% yield to maturity
10 years to maturity
Compounding Frequency
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How to use Yttags's BOND Calculator?

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The bond pricing calculator shows the price of a bond from coupon rate, market rate, and present value of payouts. Plus dirty & clean bond price formulas.

How does the value of a bond change when the interest rate environment changes? Calculate the value easily with our bond calculator!

Calculate Bond Yield

Metric Description
Coupon Rate
  • The coupon rate (i.e. interest rate) is multiplied by a bond’s par value to determine the annual coupon payment owed to a bondholder by the issuer.
Current Yield
  • The current yield is the expected annual return of a bond if the security is held for the next year.
Yield to Maturity (YTM)
  • The yield to maturity (YTM) is the anticipated annual rate of return earned on a bond, assuming the security is held until maturity.
Yield to Call (YTC)
  • The yield to call (YTC) is the return on a callable bond, assuming the bondholder redeemed the bond on the earliest call date before maturity.
Yield to Worst (YTW)
  • The yield to worst (YTW) is the minimum return received on a callable bond, i.e. the “floor yield”, aside from the yield if the issuer were to default.

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FAQs for BOND Calculator

What is a BOND Calculator?
A Bond Calculator is a financial tool that computes various parameters related to bonds, including interest payments, accrued interest, yield to maturity, and other metrics essential for bond valuation and investment analysis.
How does bond calculation work?
The bond valuation formula can be represented as: Price = ( Coupon × 1 − ( 1 + r ) − n r ) + Par Value ( 1 + r ) n . The bond value formula can be broken into two parts for better understanding. The first part is the present value of the coupons, and the second part is the discounted value of the par value.
How do you calculate bond issue?
The issue price of a bond is the price at which a bond is originally sold to investors by the issuer. The issue price is determined by adding the present value of the bond's principal amount (also known as its face value or par value) to the present value of its future interest payments.
What factors affect bond prices?
The most influential factors that affect a bond's price are yield, prevailing interest rates, and the bond's rating. Essentially, a bond's yield is the present value of its cash flows, which are equal to the principal amount plus all the remaining coupons.
Why do we calculate bond value?
To know whether a particular bond is a good investment, a financial institution, analyst, or individual investor must be able to calculate the fair value of the bond in question. Without this understanding, making an intelligent investment decision would be next to impossible.