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An online Sq.Meter, Sq. Yard, Sq. Feet - Tile Calculation tool is used to tell you how many tiles that needed to cover the area(Wall, Floor, Room, Office etc..). Calculate Tiles for Every Space in a Minute.

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FAQs for Tiles Calculator

What is a Tiles Calculator?
A tiles calculator is a tool used to estimate the quantity of tiles needed for a specific area, such as a room or wall, by taking into account the dimensions of the space and the size of the tiles. It helps users plan and purchase the right amount of tiles for a tiling project.
How do you calculate how much tile you need?
Multiply a single tile's length and width to determine how much area it covers. Then divide that number by 144 to convert it to feet. Finally, divide the total square footage of the space by the single tile square footage.
How many tiles can fit?
Figuring out how much tile you may need is a matter of finding out the area of your space and dividing it by the size of the tile. For flooring in a standard rectangular room, measure a long and short wall. Multiply these numbers by 12 to get the length and width in inches, then multiply them together to get your area.
How do you calculate floor area?
If your room is square or rectangular (as above), calculating the floor area is very simple. Measure the width (A) and the length (B) of the room and multiply the two measurements together. For example the room above is 4.25m x 5.25m = 22.31m2.
Do tiles vary in size?
You will find that most tile stores will house selections of wall or floor tiles that range in size from the smaller formats of 200 x 200mm to larger sizes of 600 x 1200mm especially in porcelain tile collections where these jumbo tile sizes are simple to achieve with modern tile manufacturing techniques.