Disavow File Generator

Disavow file generator is a web-based tool to create disavow file of your website bad and spam back-links to avoid manual action by Google.

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How to use this Disavow File Generator Tool?

How to use Yttags's Disavow File Generator?

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Generate a Disavow File to protect your Website's SEO. A browser-based free tool helps you to create a disavow file of your website's threatening & spam links to avoid manual action by Google.

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Disavow File Generator

FAQs for Disavow File Generator

What is a Disavow File Generator?
A Disavow File Generator is a tool used in search engine optimization (SEO) to create a file containing a list of URLs that a website owner wants search engines to ignore or "disavow" when assessing their site's backlink profile, aiming to improve search rankings by disassociating from low-quality or spammy links.
Has disavow file been created?
The disavow was born. Google created the disavow file tool and granted access to webmasters to allow them to clear and update their link profile to ensure only genuine backlinks are included and avoid ranking penalties.
How many disavow files are allowed for a website at a time?
Only one disavow file is allowed per website.
What is the maximum size of a search console disavow file?
Maximum URL length is 2,048 characters. Maximum file size is 100,000 lines (including blank lines and comment lines) and 2MB. You can include comments if you like by starting a line with a # mark. Any lines that begin with # will be ignored by Google.
Do I need to disavow?
The links have caused a manual action, or likely will cause a manual action, on your site.