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How to use this SQL To JavaScript Converter Online Tool?

Online SQL To JavaScript Example

Below is an example of the original SQL To JavaScript and the result.

Original SQL To JavaScript Example
 * Websites

-- ----------------------------
-- Table structure for `websites`
-- ----------------------------
CREATE TABLE `websites` (
  `code` char(2) NOT NULL COMMENT 'Continent code',
  `name` varchar(255) DEFAULT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`code`)

-- ----------------------------
-- Records of websites
-- ----------------------------
INSERT INTO `websites` VALUES ('PK', 'Pakainfo');
INSERT INTO `websites` VALUES ('YT', 'Yttags');
INSERT INTO `websites` VALUES ('IK', 'Infinityknow');
INSERT INTO `websites` VALUES ('WX', 'Webix');
INSERT INTO `websites` VALUES ('GP', 'guestpostingsites');
INSERT INTO `websites` VALUES ('IP', 'thebestiptv');
INSERT INTO `websites` VALUES ('IS', 'itsolutionstuck');
INSERT INTO `websites` VALUES ('??', NULL);

And an example of how the online SQL To JavaScript works.

SQL To JavaScript Result
var websites = [
    "code": "PK",
    "name": "Pakainfo"
    "code": "YT",
    "name": "Yttags"
    "code": "IK",
    "name": "Infinityknow"
    "code": "WX",
    "name": "Webix"
    "code": "GP",
    "name": "guestpostingsites"
    "code": "IP",
    "name": "thebestiptv"
    "code": "IS",
    "name": "itsolutionstuck"
    "code": "??",
    "name": null

How to use Yttags's SQL To JavaScript Converter?

  • Step 1: Select the Tool
SQL To JavaScript Converter Step 1
  • Step 2: Upload your SQL file by clicking the Choose File (or paste your SQL text into the textbox And Press The Convert Button And Check Your SQL To JavaScript Converter Result
  1. Download the resulting CSV file when prompted
  2. Open your CSV file in Excel (or Open Office)
SQL To JavaScript Converter Step 2

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FAQs for SQL To JavaScript Converter

How to convert SQL to JavaScript?
SQL-to-JavaScript conversion involves translating database query logic written in SQL to equivalent operations in JavaScript using libraries like Sequelize or Knex.js.
Can SQL be used in JavaScript?
Yes, SQL can be used in JavaScript for database operations using libraries like SQLite, IndexedDB, or by making API calls to server-side databases.
How to write SQL query in JavaScript function?
You can embed SQL queries in JavaScript functions using appropriate database libraries like Sequelize, Knex.js, or template literals for dynamic SQL queries.
Is JavaScript similar to SQL?
JavaScript and SQL serve different purposes: JavaScript is a programming language used for client-side scripting, while SQL is used for managing and querying relational databases.
Which is easy JavaScript or SQL?
Ease depends on context: JavaScript is easier for web interactivity, SQL for database querying; both have learning curves but are complementary.