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How to use this CSV To JSON Converter Online Tool?

Online CSV To JSON Example

Below is an example of the original CSV To JSON and the result.

Original CSV To JSON Example
webistes, year, US_peak_chart_post
welcome to yttags, 2022, -
infinityknow, 2017, -
pakainfo webtools, 2016, 23
hashtag for yttags, 2010, 6
free online tools, 2005, 3
free software download, 2007, 2
love calc, 2010, 11
webix infoway in rajkot, 2015, -
free youtube tools, 2021, -
kothariya ring road, 2023, -

And an example of how the online CSV To JSON works.

CSV To JSON Result
    "webistes": "welcome to yttags",
    "year": 2022,
    "US_peak_chart_post": "-"
    "webistes": "infinityknow",
    "year": 2017,
    "US_peak_chart_post": "-"
    "webistes": "pakainfo webtools",
    "year": 2016,
    "US_peak_chart_post": 23
    "webistes": "hashtag for yttags",
    "year": 2010,
    "US_peak_chart_post": 6
    "webistes": "free online tools",
    "year": 2005,
    "US_peak_chart_post": 3
    "webistes": "free software download",
    "year": 2007,
    "US_peak_chart_post": 2
    "webistes": "love calc",
    "year": 2010,
    "US_peak_chart_post": 11
    "webistes": "webix infoway in rajkot",
    "year": 2015,
    "US_peak_chart_post": "-"
    "webistes": "free youtube tools",
    "year": 2021,
    "US_peak_chart_post": "-"
    "webistes": "kothariya ring road",
    "year": 2023,
    "US_peak_chart_post": "-"

How to use Yttags's CSV To JSON Converter?

  • Step 1: Select the Tool
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  • Step 2: Upload your CSV file by clicking the Choose File (or paste your CSV text into the textbox)
CSV To JSON Converter Step 2
  • Step 3: Press The Convert Button And Check Your CSV To JSON Converter Result
  1. Download the resulting JSON file when prompted
  2. Open your JSON file in Excel (or Open Office)
CSV To JSON Converter Step 3

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FAQs for CSV To JSON Converter

What is a CSV?
CSV (Comma-Separated Values) is a plain text file format used to represent tabular data, with each line representing a row and commas separating values within each row.
What is a CSV file?
A CSV file is a text file that contains data organized in rows and columns, with values separated by commas, often used for data storage and exchange.
Why CSV to JSON Converter?
A CSV to JSON converter transforms data from the CSV format into the JSON format, allowing for compatibility with JSON-based applications and data structures.
What is JSON format?
JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) format is a lightweight data interchange format consisting of key-value pairs, arrays, and nested structures, used for structured data representation.
How to convert CSV to JSON online?
You can convert CSV to JSON online using various web-based CSV to JSON converter tools by uploading your CSV file and obtaining the corresponding JSON output.
How quick is this CSV to JSON tool?
The speed of a CSV to JSON conversion tool online depends on factors such as file size, server load, and processing capabilities.
How long does it take to convert CSV to JSON?
The conversion duration from CSV to JSON varies based on factors like file size, complexity, and the performance of the conversion tool or method.