ERA Calculator (Earned Run Average)

A free & reliable ERA calculator using simple era formula to calculate earned run average for any sports like baseball, softball, & cricket. Enter the earned runs, innings pitched, game innings, and outs pitched to determine your ERA.

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How to use this ERA Calculator Tool?

Online ERA Calculator Example

Below is an example of the original ERA Calculator and the result.

Original ERA Calculator Example
Earned Runs : 90
Innings Pitched : 1
Outs Pitched : 2
Game Innings : 3

And an example of how the online ERA Calculator works.

ERA Calculator Result
Earned Run Average : 	162.00000000000003

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ERA Calculator Step 2

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FAQs for ERA Calculator (Earned Run Average)

What is ERA in baseball?
ERA (Earned Run Average) in baseball is a statistic that measures the average number of earned runs a pitcher gives up per nine innings pitched.
How to calculate ERA? What is ERA calculation formula?
ERA is calculated by dividing the total earned runs allowed by a pitcher by the total innings pitched, then multiplying by 9: ERA = (Earned Runs / Innings Pitched) * 9.
What is good era in baseball?
A good ERA in baseball is generally considered to be around 3.50 or lower, although it can vary depending on the era and pitching conditions.
What is a bad era in baseball?
A bad ERA in baseball is typically above 5.00, indicating that a pitcher is giving up a relatively high number of earned runs per nine innings pitched.
What is more important era or whip?
Both ERA and WHIP (Walks plus Hits per Inning Pitched) are important pitching statistics, but ERA is generally considered more indicative of a pitcher's overall effectiveness, as it directly measures runs allowed, while WHIP focuses on baserunners.
Who has the best bullpen in baseball?
As of my last update in September 2021, determining the best bullpen in baseball can vary from season to season, so I cannot provide the current information.
Who has won the most World Series in baseball?
The New York Yankees have won the most World Series titles in baseball history.