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NPS Calculator - Get estimated returns on National Pension Scheme when you retire by entering Investment amount, age & expected returns per month at Yttags.

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How to use this NPS Calculator Tool?

How to use Yttags's NPS Calculator?

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NPS Calculator (National Pension Scheme Calculator) - This pension calculator helps in calculating monthly pension and lumpsum amount to be received on retirement when you invest in the National Pension Scheme. Yttags NPS calculator uses compound interest formula to calculate the NPS returns.

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FAQs for NPS Calculator

What is a NPS Calculator?
An NPS (National Pension System) calculator is a tool that assists individuals in planning for their retirement by estimating potential returns and pension amounts based on their contributions, investment choices, and the duration of participation in the NPS.
What is the benefit of NPS calculator?
NPS or National Pension Scheme calculator allows an individual to compute the provisional lump sum and pension amount a subscriber, under NPS, can expect at retirement based on the contributions made monthly; the annuity purchased, the expected rate of returns on investments, and the annuity.
Is NPS interest calculated monthly or yearly?
For example, if your current age is entered as 35 and the retirement age is 60, then the total investing period will be 25 years. Enter your monthly contribution towards NPS, it can be as low as Rs. 1,000. The interest earned is on monthly compounding basis.
How is NPS contribution calculated?
Total years of contribution (automatically calculated based on your age) = 26 years (60 years – 34 years) Expected return on investment = 10% Percentage of Annuity purchase = 50% (minimum 40% under existing NPS rules) Expected rate of return on annuity = 6%
Can we change monthly amount in NPS?
Can Subscriber increase or decrease the contribution amount in subsequent years? Yes, NPS offers this kind of flexibility to increase or decrease the contribution amount as per their suitability.