How Do You Professionally Boost Your Google Business Profile?

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Google Business Profile : The endless and incessant competition that fills up the markets to the brim, makes it essential for businesses to look for different ways to boost the growth of their business. Making local and global markets aware of your company as one that is reliable is important for you to pay attention to. Your Google Business Profile can be immensely helpful for you to level up your brand in the competitive markets of today.  

Given that Google is the most trusted website for viewers worldwide, it comes as no surprise that a Google Business Profile can be beneficial for you to attract more viewers to your site. From escape game ventures to global retail chains like Amazon, almost every business has understood the vitality of using a Google Business Profile.  

Google Business Profile
Google Business Profile


So, in this article, let us take a look at how you can professionally boost your Google Business Profile to attract more viewers consequently.  

What is a Google Business Profile? 

In short, your Google Business Profile (GBP) offers viewers a glance at your business, by highlighting your best features. People do not have much time to glance through long articles to know about different businesses. So, the Google Business Profile facilitates its purpose by summarizing a given brand in short.  

It helps viewers quickly find out and learn about different brands. What’s even more exciting for brands to note, is that creating your Google Business Profile can be done free of any charges!  

How to boost your Google Business Profile? 

Optimizing your Google Business Profile helps prospective businesses to gain greater online visibility than they had earlier. It helps users quickly find out information about your business and engage with it. Here are a few helpful tips to get more out of your Google Business Profile: 

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1. Remain meticulous in providing your contact information  

Google Business Profile
Google Business Profile


Firstly, you must ensure that the business name that you provide on your Google Business Profile matches the signboard of your store. There must not be differences between how your business appears in the real world with how it appears in the virtual world. Do not make the mistake of adding keywords or location names here, for Google would consider it as spam and you might be penalized in return.  

Ensure that your business name and address matches with the other listings present all across the web. It includes paying attention to even the small details like using ‘street’ vs. ‘st.’ or ‘co’ vs. ‘company’. Indicating the regular and holiday hours of your business also needs to be done on the Google Business Profile.  

2. Encourage your existing users to leave reviews 


One of the foolproof methods to grow your GBP is through reviews. While reviews cost nothing, they can however be immensely helpful to increase the number of organic searches. Viewers on the web are more likely to trust websites where they find a healthy number of reviews showing up, in addition to a four- or five-star rating.  

But at the same time, you must also remember that reviews won’t magically show up on your Google Business Profile overnight. It requires you to remain consistent in providing the best services or products to your consumers so that they leave behind good reviews for you.  

Working on a little outreach to customers whom you have satisfied can also help secure some good reviews. You can get this done by emailing them, sending a postcard, or by simply asking them verbally to review their experience with your business. Ask your customers to remain truly honest while they leave a review for you! 

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3. Work on your ‘from the business’ description 

Note the small description that appears just below your brand name on the GBP, which is however beyond your control. It is an editorial summary that Google writes for different businesses to ensure a certain consistency. While you do not have any control over this section of your profile, you do have control over the ‘from the business’ section of your GBP dashboard.  

The ‘from the business’ section appears a bit lower in your profile and may be often present below the reviews. Here are some tips that you can keep in mind while working on this section of your profile: 

  • Keep the description within approximately 750 characters, and keep the vital information preferably in the first 250 characters.  
  • You can your brand’s mission or information from your website’s “About Us” page to write it. 
  • Use relevant keywords that users are likely to use while searching for your brand 
  • Avoid repetition of information already present in other sections of your GBP 
  • Do not include URLs  

4. Avoid spammy ways  


Google is smart enough to detect any spammy tactics that you might be using, like, paying people to leave positive reviews on your profile. Neither Google nor your potential customers are likely to trust these fake reviews. Google is smart enough to easily detect whether you have paid a third party to get a five-star rating, or if your reviews are spammy.  

Your site will then be flagged as dishonest or spammy and the flag popup will prevent users from trusting your brand. Even offering future discounts to users for a positive review might also backfire on your reputation in the online markets. So, ensure that you never fall prey to such spammy practices to boost your GBP. 

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Google wants to create healthy competition amongst different local businesses. Given that almost everything and everyone today has started to rely on Google, using the same to promote your business in the markets can be helpful. So, keep in mind the few tactics discussed above and work on improving your Google Business Profile effectively!  


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