What is SharePoint?

What is SharePoint?

SharePoint is a Microsoft-based platform that provides tools for managing content and documents, such as email, calendars, and websites. It also offers many other services, such as document management, collaboration, and web content management. SharePoint is commonly used for intranet applications (such as internal employee websites), extranet applications (such as customer portals), and collaboration (such as wikis and blogs). The term “SharePoint” is a combination of the words “share” and “point.


The following are some of the features that make our website secure and efficient:

  • SSL Encryption – The World Wide Web is a collection of computers that use an encryption system to secure their data. This system prevents third-party eavesdroppers from intercepting information as it is transmitted over the Internet. We utilize an encrypted connection between your computer and ours so that all information you send to us is securely transmitted.
  • Firewall – Your computer has a firewall to protect against viruses, worms, Trojans, spyware, adware, and other malicious software.

Office 365 SharePoint

Microsoft SharePoint 2010 has changed the game for the IT industry. It has made it easier for people to share data, collaborate and communicate with each other. The SharePoint platform is not only about documents and files but also about work collaboration, team communication, content management and much more. However, it does have its limitations as well. This post talks about the limitations of SharePoint. SHAREPOINT LIMITATIONS Lack of integration with Office 365 SharePoint is a web-based application which is available for both on-premises and cloud deployment.

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SharePoint custom development help companies of all sizes to build the right solution for their needs. We provide end-to-end solutions and services, including: Designing, developing, testing and deploying mobile applications on Android and iOS platforms Developing back-end APIs, database management systems and other software components Testing your application and finding any problems that may arise Deploying your application to your chosen mobile device(s) We are able to work with your current team or you can bring your own people in-house.


SharePoint offers a wide range of features and options. Some companies are already using SharePoint in their existing environment and are looking for ways to extend and enhance that environment. Other companies are migrating from Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) to SharePoint 2013. Still other companies are planning to migrate to SharePoint from other applications and data sources. As I’ve mentioned earlier, SharePoint provides a platform that enables collaboration among users and allows them to work together on projects.

The process of migrating to SharePoint is usually a very simple one. In most cases, it involves moving data from one system to another and configuring the new system to handle that data.


Manage your documents in a variety of ways. SharePoint has built-in capabilities that make it easy to store and organize your documents. SharePoint offers a wide variety of document management options, including:

  • Create documents
  • Edit existing documents
  • View, move, copy, and delete documents
  • Attach files to documents
  • Manage permissions for documents
  • Add metadata to documents
  • Work on shared documents
  • Set the permissions for sharing documents
  • Retrieve documents
  • Sort documents
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You can use the features described in this chapter to:

  • Create a document repository. You can use this feature to store, organize, and share your documents.
  • Set document permissions.


The first step in the project management process is the creation of a project plan. This is the plan by which the project is defined and executed. The project plan will be created using a number of steps. For example, it may include the objectives, requirements, risk management, scope, project description, change management, stakeholder management, and so on. The project manager will make sure that the project plan is updated regularly.

Project management is a vital part of a business. Businesses that fail to manage their projects properly are likely to lose money, time, and possibly, clients. A good project manager will always use the project management approach.


Many companies have their own intranets, and they are starting to move towards a more centralized model. They are using the Internet Information Services (IIS) web server, which is an internal system running on Windows Server 2012 R. They use SharePoint 2013 to create websites for their customers and to share information with them. Companies are looking for ways to improve customer engagement, so they are turning to SharePoint 2013 to help them with that. Their goal is to make it easier for their users to access and share information.

This is a big project, so they will need to use the resources available to them. They will need a SharePoint administrator to help them with this.

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Sales orders are documents that contain information about an order for a product or service. These documents can be created in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM. You can create a sales order as part of the opportunity creation process. You can also create a sales order as part of the opportunity close process. When creating a sales order, you can set the status to “Draft”, “Paid”, or “Closed”. When the sales order is paid, the status changes to “Paid”.

Al Rafay Consulting (ARC) has successfully helped a number of organizations realize their technological goals with SharePoint consulting services. With our technology stack, ARC has a strong track record of assisting organizations meet their business goals. Our dedicated SharePoint development team has the expertise to meet your organization’s needs. From designing a site to implementing the software, we strive to provide unparalleled support. Our staff will help you navigate the technology, so that your organization can get the most out of your SharePoint investment.

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