6 Best Free Plagiarism Checkers For Students

6 Best Free Plagiarism Checkers For Students


Students and content creators regularly need the use of plagiarism-checking tools to ensure that their written content is 100% unique. However, students do not earn enough money to purchase premium plagiarism checking tools.

Therefore, if you are a student, we highly recommend you check this list out. Here, we have recommended the six best free plagiarism checking tools that you can use right now. 

Best Free Plagiarism Checkers

The best free plagiarism checkers you can use right now are:

1. Quetext

If you want a plague checker that is free and very simple to use, Quetext is your answer. This tool has one of the simplest and most good-looking UIs. Therefore, many users have stated that this makes browsing the web page that much better and easy to use.

Here, the free version of this application will let you scan for plagiarism in 500 words at a time. However, if you want to scan longer articles, then you have to upgrade to the premium version to scan for more words at the same time. 

All you need to do is copy and paste your content into the checking box and hit the enter button.

2. Duplichecker

As the name suggests, Duplichecker is another popular free plagiarism checking tool. Most users claim that this is by far the best free plagiarism checking tool because of its ease of use and multiple other uses. The UI is easy enough to make the user feel comfortable using this content checker. 

However, the greatest strength of this application lies in its provisions for various other functions as well. For example, it also allows the use of various other content checking tools on its websites, like a spelling checker and a grammar checker as well. 

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Plus, you do not need to register and create an account here. Simply enter the website and use it for free. Read More: The Legal Guides, The Dating Dairy, The Bitcoin Magazine, Essay Writing Guides

3. Copyleaks

Albeit a bit limited in scope compared to other free plagiarism checking tools on this list, Copyleaks has many users. It is completely free for use. However, there are certain limitations to using it for free. For example, you can check for plagiarism in only 10 pages every month.

You can directly paste the content you have written, or you can upload the word file by browsing for it. You also get the option to upgrade to a premium account. This will remove the 10-page limitation of the free account. It also provides a grammar and spelling checking tool for content writers.

4. PlagScan

If you are looking for a free plagiarism scanner for students, then PlagScan is the tool you were looking for. This is a great tool for students, albeit the UI is a bit messy and cluttered. However, you have to register and create a free account.

When you create a free account in PlagScan, you will get 20 credits per month, which lets you scan for plagiarism in 20 pages. Therefore, you can scan for your projects and dissertations per month for free. However, if you are a content writer and need to use it frequently, then upgrade to the premium version. 

5. Plagium

Plagium is the newest plag checking tool in this list. This tool is free at first when you create a free account. In the free version of this tool, you have the option to only conduct a quick scan using the tool. This returns with results faster, but will probably have fewer matches.

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On the other hand, you can upgrade to a premium account to get access to the deep scan option. As the name suggests, this makes a deeper scan of the internet to find similarities with other content. Here, it also scans websites that only appear on Yahoo search engines and not on Google as well. Read Also: The CBD Magazine, The Casino Magazine, The Parents Magazine, The Sports Mag

6. Small SEO Tools

Small SEO Tools is more than just a free plagiarism checker. This tool allows for various SEO functions, like checking for keyword research and various SEO optimization functions. However, all these SEO features are behind a premium paywall.

However, the Plagiarism checking tool is free, albeit with limited uses.


The six best free plagiarism tools that we have mentioned on this list are some of the best tools that you can use right now as a student. However, if you are a content writer, then you can upgrade to the premium version of many of these tools, pretty easily. Therefore, start using them and find out which one suits your purpose the best. 

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