Facing Problems in Removing Plagiarism? Try Using an AI Plagiarism Remover!

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Problems in Removing Plagiarism? Let’s Remove It with AI Plagiarism Remover

an AI Plagiarism Remover

Plagiarism in work is not only an ethical issue but is also one of the major reasons why a writer can lose their reputation. If you want to ensure originality in your work but cannot get rid of it, no matter how hard you try, you have landed in the right place. In this guide, we will discuss in detail what plagiarism is, what an AI plagiarism remover tool is, and how it can help you ensure originality.

Defining Plagiarism!

Plagiarism is using someone’s words, ideas, or information as your own without their permission or giving the source proper credit. Now, plagiarism is not always an intentional act.

There is always a chance that your words can match that of another writer working on the same niche or category. Probably billions of articles are indexed on the web, most of which present similar ideas and information. So, there is always a chance that your drafts can have plagiarism.

Why is it Important to Remove plagiarism?

Using a plagiarism scanner tool, You can easily find plagiarism in your content. There are many reasons to check your work and remove plagiarism from it. Here, we have mentioned a few notable options:

1. Plagiarism Ruins Credibility

One of the reasons why it is important to remove plagiarism is that it can damage your credibility as a content writer. Having duplicate content means you don’t have expertise in the niche you are targeting. Working with reputed organizations or clients would be hard if your name gets stained with plagiarism.

2. Sinks Your Site in SERPs

One of the major ranking factors the search engine considers is unique content. If your site or blog contains plagiarized content, it will damage your domain authority and seo score. You would end up losing your ranking position because of plagiarism.

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3. Causes Penalties and Legal Issues

Plagiarism is actually theft of another person’s intellectual property, which means they can always sue you in court. You can get into legal trouble and might have to pay huge penalties even if your work accidentally matches another author’s.
These are some reasons why it is important to remove plagiarism and make your content unique.

How Can You Remove Plagiarism?

If you found plagiarism in your content, follow the tips below to remove it.

1. Add Proper Citations

If you are relying on another source or even taking reference from their ideas, you must give the original author proper attributions. You need to cite the idea or information in your content. This shows your honesty and respect towards the intellectual property of another author. It also allows readers to access the source and collect more information.

2. Use Direct Quotes

Another popular way to remove plagiarism from your content is by adding direct quotes. If you use the exact words or sentences of another author that you cannot present any other way, you can denote them with quotation marks. This would show the readers that those specific words or sentences don’t belong to you. You can add a reference to the original author after the quote.

3. Rephrase Duplicates

When your content gets flagged as plagiarized by AI written by a top-rated plagiarism scanner, you must rewrite it in different words. While rephrasing duplicate content, you must make sure to use different words and a different structure while keeping the original message intact.

These are some of the manual ways you can try but note that because of huge amounts of content published online, chances are you would fail to remove plagiarism from your content. This is where an AI plagiarism remover jumps in.

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What is an AI Plagiarism Remover Tool?

A plagiarism remover tool uses advanced technologies and artificial intelligence to understand your uploaded content and rephrases it in different words to make it unique and distinctive from the original version. You must rely on a reliable plagiarism remover to ensure that your drafts are 100% unique and free of intentional and unintentional traces of duplication.

Over dozens of options are available online, but unfortunately, not all are reliable, free, or easy to use. Lucky for you, we have suggested one of the finest tools for your help.

Plagiarism Remover – Rephraser.co

This plagiarism remover is one of the many tools offered by Rephraser.co for assisting content writers. The tool has been designed and trained to rewrite existing content in different words, a new structure, and a unique style/tone. Using this tool, you can get guaranteed plagiarism-free outputs no matter what type of content you want to rephrase.
The tool uses natural language processing and machine learning models, which helps it not only remove plagiarism but also ensure that the rewritten content sounds human-like and is free of all sorts of human errors.

How Does Plagiarism Remover Eliminate Similarities?

Overall, the tool is very easy to use and is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to ensure originality. Here, we have discussed how the tool modifies your text.

1. Replaces Words with Synonyms

First, the tool would analyze all common words and phrases you have used and replace them with the most suitable synonyms that would provide the same message. The tool has a large synonym vocabulary and always uses the most digestible vocabulary.

2. Modifies Sentence Structure

The tool would rephrase not only words but complete sentences. The tool would change the sentence structure, and ideas would be expressed with a different perspective. The tool might also play with the choice of words active/passive voice, and touch other grammatical areas to modify sentences.

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3. Adds Clarity & Conciseness

Other than changing words and sentences, the plagiarism remover would also get rid of human errors and redundancies that might be causing your content to be similar. The new content would convey the same ideas in the crispest possible way and refine the overall quality.

Example How the Rephraser Removes Plagiarism from Text!

Rephraser Removes Plagiarism from Text

You can see how the tool would present the core idea or information in a completely different wording and unique structure. The new content would not match the original version, so you don’t have to stress about getting accused of plagiarism.

You can check the new content again with a well-reputed plagiarism scanner such as Copyleaks, and if you find any unwanted similarities in the rephrased version, you can run it again with the tool!

End Words

Removing plagiarism is important as it puts your credibility and hard work at stake. In the world of content writing, you must check and ensure that your work is free of intentional and accidental similarities. The best and probably most efficient way to do it is using an AI plagiarism remover.

In this guide, we have discussed plagiarism, why you need to remove it, and how an AI plagiarism remover can help you with this task. Using an online rephraser, you would not have to worry about putting in manual effort and get unique results in less than seconds. After reading this guide, we hope you will know how to ensure originality in your work!

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