Best Shopify Apps To Increase Sales And Engagement

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Friends, today I am going to tell you about some of the Best Shopify Apps, with the help of which you can increase the sales of your Shopify store and through Shopify increase sales apps, customers will stay in your Shopify Store and see your product, through which your There will be Sales Engagement.

These Shopify apps will bring more traffic to your website to bring the customer back to your website and the performance of the website will be good and more and more Leads will be generated and apart from this will build Impression and Engagement on your website through which the customer will be attracted to your Shopify Store.

More and more information will be received about and will see your product and a trust will be formed on your store, after that the customer will buy the product from your website and your sales will increase.

To increase the sales of your Shopify store, today we are telling you about some such Shopify store apps which will help a lot in increasing the sales of your Shopify Store. Let’s see what are those apps and how those Shopify apps will help you to increase sales.

Best Shopify Apps To Increase Engagement

Friends, if you want to increase sales through your Shopify store, then first of all it is very important to bring customer engagement on your website, through which your sales will be generated, but for that, first of all, the customer should be informed about your product and about your store.

It is very important to give a good information to the customer and Shopify Store theme design is very good so that the customer can stay on your website but it is very important to put some more features so that the customer stays on your website and your website engagement increase and sales generated.

1. PushOwl Web Notification

PushOwl empowers web push notifications This apps works to bring the customer back to your website, through which those customers come back to your website through Push Notifications which have already been created on your website and they have a plan to buy the product and If they have forgotten then these push notifications bring them back to the website and the customer can buy your product.

If a product is out of stock in your stock and that product has come back after a few days, then this feature of the app informs the customer about back-in-stock by sending notifications through Notifications through which the customer can buy your product.

In this Apps, you get the smart delivery feature, through which when the customer is active, then the notification goes to the customer and you also get the Custom Report of Push Notifications.

Through these apps, you can increase the sales of your store very easily and in this apps you get many features in Free Plan and basic automation and reports are also available and you can also take business plan which is $19. Starting with /mo.

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2. Spinwheel Popup

Many people like to play games very much and that’s why these apps run games on your website through which people play games through your website and because of this e-mail I’d is also added through which the user can play the game.

Rewards can be received later and this game is often a very popular game that users play and User Engagement on your website increases a lot and along with this the customer sees the product on your website and many customers buy your product. .

In this you will find many types of games like lucky wheel, prize wheel and the games and popups in it are all customizable related to your business and when the customer visits your website, popups call the user back by sending notifications so that Users come to your website and buy products from your shops.

There are also four plans of this app, by purchasing which you can use all the other good features of this app and there are four types of plans of this app such as Free, starter ($9.99), premium ($19.99), business ($29.99) ) You will get to see this plan in these apps and you can use many more features of it.

3. Recart FB Messenger Marketing

As you know that when you send a Promotional Email or you get an email, then often we forget to read it, then people do not see the email, because of this the email you send is of no use. Yes, it is known because the customer is not able to read that email.

That’s why Recart FB Messenger Marketing helps a lot in reaching all the information related to the product to the customer because through this app, the customer mostly reads all the Notification and Message.

This App gives you Welcome Notes, Shipping Information, Discounts, Review Request, Personal message, VIP messages and many more such features, through which you will be able to connect with the customer and give all kinds of information related to the product to the customer and More and more customers will buy your product.

You will also get Drag and Drop UI and Ready-Made Chat Flow, A/B Testing in this App, through which communication with the customer will be good and it will help a lot in selling your product.

Through this, the purchase of your product will be very good and if you want to use many more features of Recart App, then you can buy the subscription which starts from $ 29, in this you will get all the features and Unlimited Subscriber and more like this. There are many plans which can be very good for your business.

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4. Instagram Feed + Stories

This app becomes very important for your shopify store because through this you can bring your instagram story and feeds to your website and the stories and feeds you upload on your instagram will also appear on your website.

Through this, you can give good information about the product to the customer through Instagram Stories and highlights and Feed and you can also tell the product discount to the customer by uploading the story through this app and the customer will come to your website through instagram and will visit your website. Through this you will also get information about your instagram page and you can give good information about Sales and New Product to your customer through this app.

This apps shows the new upload post in your instagram feed at the top, but keep in mind that your instagram account should remain public without any age restrictions, only then you will be able to easily see customers and through this app you can also promote your website.

You can like if a user tags your account in his instagram story, then he will get the discount Coupon code and if the user tags, then this app starts a message channel between you and that user, then you can send that user You can send coupon code.

And you will also get Support team in it which will customize your story and feed and all this customization is done manually and you can install this App for free on your website and also upgrade its premium feature.

5. Product Quiz and Popup Marketing

This is such an App with the help of which the customer will buy the product from your store because this app shows Quiz Popup in your website in which the customer is asked what would you like to see?

And below the question, there are lists of products and when the customer clicks on any of those products, then the customer will see all the products related to that product and the customer will buy the product from them by adding it to Add To Cart because this Popup What happens is Discount Popup in which the customer gets the discount as per the percentage you will give.

Through the feature of this apps, many products will be sold from your shopify store and will increase your sales and this app collects this data so that the customer can easily get the product that the customer wants and many more in this app.

There are features that you can use in your business such as SMS Push Notification, A/B split Testing and Advanced Analysis to find the best ways to increase your product sales and its plan is $29 for 500 Engagements per month.

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6. Automizely: Email And Popup

Automizely: Email And Popup In this App you will get all kinds of features which will help you a lot in generating sales of your shopify store because in this App you will get to see all the features of Leads Generation, Sales increase and Conversion Optimization. You can also say in One. Let us now see what are the features of this app.

  • Announcement Bar
  • Countdown Timer
  • Email newsletters, abandoned cart email, welcome email, follow-up email
  • Exit-intent popup, email popup, cart-recovery popup, FOMO Popup
  • Facebook Chat Widgets
  • Free Shipping Bar
  • Web Push Notification

You can use all the above features in this app and manage your shopify store very well and generate sales and this app tells that it is the best shopify free app and the free plan in it is very Good which you can use on your website and very well generate Product information, Sales on your website and with free plan you will get 300 contacts, All Pop up features, All conversion tools, Campaign analytics, Web push notifications And Coupons are available and you will get your other plans like Essential Plan starts from $11/month, in this you get Unlimited email for 500 contacts and you can also upgrade it further.

7. Vidjet – Popup Videos

Popup Videos app This is very good for giving complete information about the product of your shopify store and through this the customer will also get all kinds of information about your product and the customer can buy the product because through the video the customer will get You will get all the information.

You can use this app in many ways, such as Product information, Sales Announcement, Welcoming Visitors and Thank you Videos, and you can put many other types of videos in your website, through which the customer can get to know about your shop. And complete information about your product will be available and people will know about your brand.

It is very easy to use, you can put the video anywhere in your shop according to your own and you can also put the title of the video according to your own and it is very easy to use.

In this app you will get to see different types of plans like 50 popup videos will be available in $59 Month, this app can be very good for your shopify store.

Conclusion – Best Shopify Apps

All the above mentioned Shopify Apps will help a lot in generating Lead for your store and through these apps more visitors will come to your store and these are also very good apps for branding your store and I hope you get this information well. Must be engaged and do share this information which will help others to run their store well.

Hi, I’m Jaydip Gondaliya. I help build websites, grow businesses, big and small. If that is what you want, contact me. I’m currently available for freelance work. [email protected]

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