10 Best Free WordPress Plugins Every Blog Needs

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10+ Must-Have WordPress Plugins for Bloggers in 2024 – Important plugins which must be used for WordPress blog website. In this article, what are the essential plugins for a blogger who has created his blog website on WordPress, which he must install and use in his WordPress Dashboard. In this article, complete information about important plugins of WordPress is given in detail below.

A new blogger does not know which plugins he should install and use in his WordPress blog. If you also want to know about the important plugins of WordPress, then you must read this article completely.

WordPress is a platform that provides the option to install and activate plugins, whereas whatever blog is created on Blogger, there is no option for more customization or plugins, hence setting up your blog on WordPress only. Needed After you setup your blog on WordPress, you must activate some important plugins.

What Are Plugins?

Plugins are ready-made tools which you have to install in your WordPress and then activate them, after which you can easily do whatever work is done by that plugin in your blog.

Let us understand with an example –

While building a house, its setup is completely prepared and set up for the electricity connection in the house. Electricity also comes in the house, but to utilize that electricity, a fan is installed in the house and AC is installed. A cooler is installed and a fridge is installed.

In the same way, after you create your blog on WordPress, you use ready-made plugins to fulfill whatever you need in the blog.

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For example, after setting up a blog, nowadays a lot of people are creating web stories. If you are also a new blogger and you have created your website on WordPress and you want to create web stories for your blog, then for that you can use Web Stories. Let’s install the plugin.

Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs (Essential)

Rank math SEO

To do search engine optimization of a blog, definitely use Rank Match SCO plugins. With the help of this plugins, you will be able to do SCO of your blog properly.


After creating a blog, it is very important to keep it secure. Through Jetpack logins, you can improve the security performance of your blog and for all the important things related to security, you must use Jetpack plugins.

wordfence security

To keep your blog website safe from viruses, also use Wordfence Security plugins to scan for malware.


A plugin is used to reduce the image size in the image that is uploaded to a blog website, through which plugins are used to reduce the size of whatever photo or image is uploaded. is done.

Akismet Anti-Spam

To keep your blog safe, these plugins are also used to keep it fully protected, which provides better protection to the security of your blog at all times, however, definitely use these plugins in your blog.

classic editor

After setting up a blog on WordPress, we keep updating different versions of WordPress and when you update your WordPress, its structure and the look of the screen changes, you can return it to its old look. To use in. Classic editor use plugins.

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classic widgets

When the theme or WordPress is updated in the blog website, the design of the widgets of WordPress changes, classic widgets plugins are used to bring it back to the old design.

Ad inserter

Use this plugin to place ads in your blog website. By using this plugin, you can easily place ads wherever you want in your blog. Therefore, you must use ad inserter to setup ads in your blog website. Do it.

Ad invalid click protector

Sometimes people come to your blog website who repeatedly click on your ad, so if your Google AdSense account gets disabled, then to keep your Google AdSense safe, you can use Ad Invalid Click Protector so that you can You can keep your Google Adsense safe.

Ads.txt manager

When you get your website monetized with Google AdSense, after that Google AdSense shows you a message screen asking you to install this plugin in your WordPress website, hence whether you want to monetize your website with Google AdSense or monetize it. If you have got it done then you must also use this plugin to make your website Google Adsense friendly.

WP rocket

After creating a blog website, to rank it in Google, the speed of your website should also be good, only then you are able to rank in Google, hence you can use WP Rocket as a cache plugins in WordPress blog or else. Free ketchup plugins come, you can also use them.


Information about who are the necessary and Best WordPress Plugins for Blogs for Effective Blogging is given in this article in which complete information is given about the important plugins, still if you are interested in anything related to plugins or WordPress blogging or this article. If you have any question or suggestion, please ask by commenting and also share this information with your friends on social media.

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